Changelog for Reva v0.1.0 (2020-03-18)

Changelog for reva 0.1.0 (2020-03-18)

The following sections list the changes in reva 0.1.0 relevant to reva users. The changes are ordered by importance.


  • Enh #402: Build daily releases
  • Enh #416: Improve developer experience
  • Enh #468: remove vendor support
  • Enh #545: simplify configuration
  • Enh #561: improve the documentation
  • Enh #562: support home storages


  • Enhancement #402: Build daily releases

Reva was not building releases of commits to the master branch. Thanks to @zazola.

Commit-based released are generated every time a PR is merged into master. These releases are available at: https://reva-releases.web.cern.ch


  • Enhancement #416: Improve developer experience

Reva provided the option to be run with a single configuration file by using the -c config flag.

This PR adds the flag -dev-dir than can point to a directory containing multiple config files. The reva daemon will launch a new process per configuration file.

Kudos to @refs.


  • Enhancement #468: remove vendor support

Because @dependabot cannot update in a clean way the vendor dependencies Reva removed support for vendored dependencies inside the project.

Dependencies will continue to be versioned but they will be downloaded when compiling the artefacts.

https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/468 https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/524

  • Enhancement #545: simplify configuration

Reva configuration was difficult as many of the configuration parameters were not providing sane defaults. This PR and the related listed below simplify the configuration.

https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/545 https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/536 https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/568

  • Enhancement #561: improve the documentation

Documentation has been improved and can be consulted here: https://reva.link

https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/561 https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/545 https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/568

  • Enhancement #562: support home storages

Reva did not have any functionality to handle home storages. These PRs make that happen.

https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/562 https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/510 https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/493 https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/476 https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/469 https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/436 https://github.com/cs3org/reva/pull/571