How can Reva help you?

What is it?

Reva is an open source platform developed in the Go programming language with two purposes:

  1. As an interoperability platform to link platforms with the storage and application providers.
  2. As the reference implementation of the CS3APIS.

The problem we try to solve

Today any cloud sync and share provider either closed-source (Dropbox, Google Drive, …) or open source (ownCloud, Seafile, …) have their own catalogue of integrations with many application providers. The pity about these integrations is that they are ad-hoc to the cloud vendor, making it impossible to port anywhere else.

The goal

Our ultimate goal is that any open source project and software vendor that provides either storage or applications to an EFSS platform will adopt the CS3APIS as a de facto standard way to collaborate. Having all the partners using the same APIs will enable all of us for a new dimension of portability of applications across vendors.

We know that for our vision to realize we need to allow time for the different stakeholders to adopt the CS3APIS.

In the mean time, we have another approach to make these systems talk to each other in a compatible way.

The approach with Reva

The motivation is to move out the ad-hoc APIs from the sync and share platform to Reva. As Reva is a vendor-neutral and open source project we expect that many institutions and application providers will contribute with their ad-hoc APIs to Reva, creating an inter-operability platform that could potentially connect to an eco-system of applications and storage catalogs as never seen before.

The platform acts as middleware component in your current infrastructure, and by connecting your cloud to Reva you gain access to multiple storage backends and multiple integrations with many application providers.

Why do I want it?

  • What is it good for?: Reva is good to ensure switching applications and storage backends between cloud providers is as much transparent as possible. How many times have you been using an app that you lost when you switched cloud provider ?

  • What is it not good for?: Reva is not a replacement for a EFFSS or Cloud Platform, it is just a middleware component that enables inter-operability and runs alongside your infrastructure.

  • What is it not yet good for?: Reva is already used every day at CERN to power CERNBox’s backend, but we have in mind that Reva will provide integrations with rclone for multiple-storage support and with other protocols out there like WOPI , Learning Tools Interoperability and OpenCloudMesh to enable seamless collaboration.

Where should I go next?