Use WOPI with Reva

Connect the cs3 wopiserver with Reva

This is a guide on how you can run both Reva and wopiserver locally in a dev environment. The wopiserver will allow you to connect Reva to online editors such as collabora.


If you encounter strange problems, please check which version of the prerequisites you are running, it might be that you need to update/downgrade. For reference ask someone who already has reva and Phoenix running, they will have updated information on the versions. * golang >= 1.12 * make/automake * git >= 2 * python >=3.7

1. Clone the wopiserver and Reva repos

Clone the wopiserver repo from

git clone

Clone the reva repo from

git clone

2. Configure Reva

Add disable_tus = true under [] and under [] in the file ocmd-server-1.toml.

3. Build Reva

Follow the instructions in for how to build reva. If you will do local changes in reva, follow the “Build from sources” instructions.

4. Run Reva

Now you need to run Revad (the Reva daemon). Follow these steps from the reva folder:

cd examples/ocm/ && ../../cmd/revad/revad -c ocmd-server-1.toml & ../../cmd/revad/revad -c ocmd-server-2.toml &.

The Reva daemon (revad) should now be running.

5. Configure the wopiserver

Follow the instructions in the readme for running the server locally (“Run the WOPI server locally”, You will need to do come changes in the config file, here is a more relevant example of a wopi config when runnning the server together with reva:

# wopiserver.conf - basic working configuration for a docker image

storagetype = cs3
port = 8880
allowedclients = localhost
oosurl =
codeurl =
codimdurl =
tokenvalidity = 86400

wopiurl = localhost:8880
downloadurl = localhost:8880/wopi/cbox/download

# Logging level. Debug enables the Flask debug mode as well.
# Valid values are: Debug, Info, Warning, Error.
loglevel = Debug

usehttps = no

# location of the secret files. Requires a restart of the
# WOPI server when either the files or their content change.
wopisecretfile = /etc/wopi/wopisecret
iopsecretfile = /etc/wopi/iopsecret

revahost = localhost:19000
authtokenvalidity = 3600

# Size used for buffered xroot reads [bytes]
chunksize = 4194304 

6. Run wopiserver

Run according to instructions in the readme (“Run the WOPI server locally”,

7. Local changes

To try the connection you could for example go to a new reva terminal window and type ./cmd/reva/reva -insecure login basic - use einstein and relativity as log in ccredentials ./cmd/reva/reva -insecure open-in-app /home/example.txt read - this should print out the app provider url in your terminal.

8. Enjoy your new Reva and wopiserver set up!